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So I wrote a research paper to prove whether or not anime titties are aerodynamic (using Lucoa)... : anime

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Top 10 Adult Animes

To deal with this, she has sex with her old college lover, Kaji.

  • But will the combined strength of these individuals be enough to conquer this undead apocalypse? Tokita Ohma is the other main character of the anime who is the perfect embodiment of an alpha male.


Aided by other rebellious first-years, including the tenth seat, Erina Nakiri, Souma and his allies band together to fight off supporters of Azami's regime.

  • And with the sudden appearance of Loki, the Evil God of Norse Mythology, the stage is set for epic fights and wickedly powerful devils in High School DxD BorN! But when a more devious plot unravels, Ayato sets out to achieve victory, while being surrounded by some of the most talented Genestella on the planet.